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Thank you for taking a peak!

Residing in New York, I am a freelance digital artist specializing in 2D/3D motion design. With many years of experience, I have been involved in a wide range of challenging projects, from animated films to modern infographics, promotional and marketing materials.

Creating visually stunning designs is one thing, but developing effective design solutions that meet and always go a little beyond of what we can do is where my true passion lies.

Outside of work, I am a big chess fan and arthouse film addict. ♟️


  • Skilled in both 2D and 3D motion design, I frequently collaborate with creative or film studios and can jump at any stage of the project.

  • I am comfortable taking leadership roles, and can guide teams and solve creative challenges.

  • Experienced in working directly with clients, managing the full spectrum of production from concept through and animation execution.

Selected Clients

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