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Humanitarian Initiatives and Motion Design



Team Members

Microsoft Garage

Director, Writer

GCI Board Members

Illustrator, Animator, Motion Designer

Production by Metria

Illustrator, Animator, Motion Designer

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro


GCI Planet collective of diverse Grammy-Winning Artists, and Internationally-Awarded Educators, coming together through technology, to Unite and Support people in the most challenging times. Supported by Grammy-winning artists & producers, the United Nations, New York State Senator Julia Salazar, and many highly respected musical & art-institutions GCI brings Hope and Positive Motivation, as well as Solidarity and Unity with no borders, to children and special needs youth who are isolated in hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps, and detention centers in the US and around the globe.

FORMAT: Multiples types of infographics, as well as custom animated templates for live virtual concerts.


Production organization.

Illustration, animation and motion design.


In 2020, the GCI team approached me to create branding and organize production for the Live Virtual Concert Series to support women, children, and other underprivileged communities worldwide. Over two years, GCI became a notable humanitarian organization, collaborating with Microsoft and United Nations and as a supplier of humanitarian help to Ukraine, devastated by the invasion.

humanitarian initiatives and motion design

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