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The Power of Visual Contrast


Team Members

Olga Chernienko

Director, Writer


Illustrator, Animator, Motion Designer

TOOLS: Procreate Adobe, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

FORMAT: 3840x2160, 23.976 fps, sRGB IEC61966-2.1

TIME FRAME: ~ 47 of work


The story of “Kraski,” directly translated to English as “Colors,” revolves around the colorblind child who teaches a woman to overcome her mental problems with the power of art and colors. An animated story played a crucial part in the film to present the audience with a stunning contrast between a b&w image and a bright animated picture.

Conceptualized, illustrated and animated the adventure story of the colorblind child.

Kraski are scheduled for the release at August 2022.


Kraski had to be done within the limited time-frame and Olya Chernienko only had a month before the post-production deadlines. The animated story had to be visually effective and suit the purpose for the overall conception of the film.

the power of visual contrast


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